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Daisy – A Memory


Prayer of Saint Francis for Animals
God Our Heavenly Father,
You created the world
to serve humanity’s needs
and to lead them to You.
By our own fault
we have lost the beautiful relationship
which we once had with all your creation.
Help us to see
that by restoring our relationship with You
we will also restore it
with all Your creation.
Give us the grace
to see all animals as gifts from You
and to treat them with respect
for they are Your creation.

We pray for all animals
who are suffering as a result of our neglect.
May the order You originally established
be once again restored to the whole world
through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary,
the prayers of Saint Francis
and the merits of Your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ
Who lives and reigns with You
now and forever. Amen.

St. Francis of Assisi, additions added later

If you are like me, over the years you have lost a dog or two. This time, I was blindsided by just how much it hurts when Daisy died. It was easy to think about if she was unable to get up and would just poop on the kitchen floor, but it hadn’t happened yet. I just never thought that it would affect me very much. I thought I’d just be able to go on with little disruption to my day.

Until it really happened. I hadn’t mentally prepared myself, I found myself staggering under the weight of unexpected grief. And I was surprised.

We’ll be waiting on the “getting a new dog” part…that’s how we got Daisy all those years ago!

We got Daisy 13 years ago from the pound in Oil City, Pa. Our English Setter “bob” had passed away in late January when the PA soil was hard and unyeilding. I tried picking away at it for about 3 hours and finally gave up. I brought bob to the pound and they creamated him that day.

Everytime a new dog came in the lady at the pound called me and off I’d go, looking at all those sad eyes, begging me to take them home. Around about this time of year, she called me about a tri-color collie that they just got in. The dog was found wandering along side the interstate with a collar and a leash. The people that brought her in said they had put up posters, taken out ads and had contacted breeders in the area with her picture. They had seven dogs and just couldn’t keep her.

We had collies when I was young, so we took her home. When we took her to the vet, he estimated her age to be between 3 & 5. She was a weird dog. She wouldn’t walk on the grass and refused to leave the step when it rained. Our little Doxie loved her! He ould run out into the grass and bark at her until she’d come out on that dreaded green stuff as well. They’d play all day.

Four months later I found out I was pregnant with Patrick. That was 12 years ago.

Something you may not think about is that like humans, dogs do occasionally suffer from bouts of depression. They get mopey, lethargic, stop eating, and drink only minimal amounts of water, stop wanting to play, and even lose drastic amounts of weight.

Losing a playmate, especially an in-home playmate is often a reason for canine depression. We may not notice it very often, but pets do grieve, and in some cases, especially concerning a death , dogs can grieve to a dangerous point, and it can be very hard to bring them out of it.

Loss of initiative is a clue that something is bothering your dog. If this is happening to your dog, you need to get right on it and start to make life fun again. Depression may not seem like it, but left too long and it could very well turn into a life-threatening physical condition. We are watching ours.

Prayer in Memory of a Pet

Almighty God
We were fortunate to receive the gift of Daisy from You
Now that she has left this life,
please help us cope with our loss with strength and courage.
We know that our beloved companion no longer suffers,
and will live on in many fond memories.
May she be treated with the care and respect
As she has enriched our life,
We pray that we may enrich the lives of others. Amen.

Good bye my friend, I’ll miss you!